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Rolling Stones Screen Saver

Welcome to Version 2.5 of the Rolling Stones Screen Saver

Before you continue.....

Did you know that the screensaver has been in existance for almost 8 years and has been downloaded over 15,000 times!

Important information regarding this release

As you may be aware, many of the features you see in this version of the screen saver are the results of feedback from thousands of good folks who downloaded version 1 of the program. Some improvements this time round include:

Improved graphics More screens Faster loading
On this day feature Screens that only pop up from time to time And a bucket of others

How Much Does The Screen Saver Cost?

This Screen Saver is Free of Charge for non-commercial use.

System Requirements

Recommended Minimum:
Pentium, 20 MB RAM, SVGA 800X600X256 display, Windows 95.

NOTE ON SCREEN RESOLUTIONS: The images used in the screen saver are in True Colour. Therefore, if you are using a display adapter that is unable to show high resolutions then the display may become unpredictable. We cannot accept responsibility for problems arising out of the screen saver being installed on archaic equipment.

Installing the Screen Saver

1) Unzip (using pkzip or winzip) the downloaded RS_SCR25.ZIP (2.07 MB) file to an empty directory
2) Double click on the SETUP.EXE file from within File Manager (Win 3.XX) or Explorer (Win 95).
3) Follow the on screen instructions which will ask you to install the Screen Saver to a created directory.
4) At this point the Screen Saver is installed and ready to use.

Configuring the Screen Saver

Windows 9X

1) Right click on the desktop and select Properties.
2) Select the Screen Saver tab and scroll down through the list of installed screensavers until you see the word STONES2.
3) Select this and then choose Settings.
4) From here you will be able to include passwords if required and time lapses.
5) Choose OK and close Display Properties box.
6) At this point the Screen Saver is configured for use.

Registering the Screen Saver

As a means to help us ascertain the extent to which the Screen Saver is being used, you are asked to complete and return the registration section at the end of the included README.TXT file that comes with the Screen Saver. In return you will receive information on updates. Think of registration as a courtesy rather than a chore.

About This Program

The Rolling Stones Screen Saver (VERSION 2.5) which you have before you results largely from feedback gained from the 1000+ people who downloaded/were posted/given version 1 of the Screen Saver.

Version 2 of the Screen Saver exists on only 1 computer in the world (hi Paul).

Version 1 of the Screen Saver took 8 months to write, version 2 a further 3 months and this version a further 2 months.

All in all, you have the results of about 12 months hard but enjoyable work before you.

About Our Company

Concept are an Internet firm based in the South East of the Republic of Ireland. Our core business is Web Site Design, Hosting and Training but from time to time we have been known to diversify.

If you have arrived at this page from elsewhere on the 'Net, why not take a moment to check out what we do while the Screen Saver is downloading.

Almost Ready ....

A tip for computer novices, print this page so that you can read the instructions for the screen saver later.

The screen saver is supplied as is and we don't do free technical support on the product.

In other words, RTFM :-)

Enjoy the Screen Saver!
Michael and the Concept team.

Download the Screen Saver now!
Always In A Hurry

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